Paradise Lost - 'Draconian Times' *EXCLUSIVE* 2LP Red Vinyl - Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost - 'Draconian Times' *EXCLUSIVE* 2LP Red Vinyl

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A double LP of Draconian Times, housed in a gatefold artwork sleeve, pressed onto heavyweight, audiophile approved, vinyl and hosted on exclusive red transparent vinyl. Limited to 500 available exclusively to the band’s webstore. Each order for the exclusive red vinyl will be entered into a lucky dip draw to win handwritten lyric sheets from frontman Nick Holmes. Nick has handwritten lyric sheets for each of the album tracks and one will be inserted at random into 12 of the orders.

Track listing

Side A
01) - Enchantment
02) - Hallowed Land
03) - The Last Time

Side B
04) - Forever Failure
05) - Once Solemn
06) - Shadowkings

Side C
07) - Elusive Cure
08) - Yearn For Change
09) - Shades Of God

Side D
10) - Hands Of Reason
11) - I See Your Face
12) - Jaded